Atilla, NL
Untitled 1, 2014
Pen on paper

Atilla is my name , also known as the kid who draws weird things. I am running this small company named ‘Atilla’s Art’. I make prints, unique artwork and a small amount of clothing. I’ve been drawing my whole life and drawing has become some kind of medicine to all my problems, I am addicted to that medicine.

 I love to make artwork that makes people think and wonder, mostly i work in black and white because it has some kind of special touch and makes the artwork look abstract and old. My life goal just like most artists is to be able to live with the profit i make from my artwork. This isn’t an easy job, but we will see.

No matter what kind of situation i am in, i will always have that spark of motivation in me to draw. I think i will draw untill im dead, really. [Facebook]