Amos Duggan, Australia
Untitled 1, 2012
Oil on Canvas

Amos has evolved an incredibly unique style; colourfully bright at first interaction, yet on closer inspection, filled with pungent depictions of the twisted emotions and expressions he observes in daily life. The figures depicted in Amos’ work visually represent an individual’s psychological condition. They are members of the socially perceived ‘norm’ that focus so hard to hide physical signs of their inner-workings, their battling with personal restraints and/or social conditioning of this generic modern era.

By exploring this readily available and abundant subject matter through visual art, Amos offers an alternative to the drab monotony of glorified interactions, and encourages his audience to experience the beautiful drabness that is real life.

Amos creates all his works by saving and salvaging timber, canvas, boards, frames and paints that have been chucked in piles to rot, or skip bins for disposal.