Flyer; 2013
Joren Joshua and Ilse Weisfelt

Joren Joshua (’90) and Ilse Weisfelt (’88); partners in crime. And in life. Two fresh young illustrators with a huge urge to create.

These individual artists each have their own remarkable style, influenced by graffiti, printing techniques, (children’s) books and graphics from back in the day – resulting in lively and sparkly images. Looking for the right balance between color and shapes, as well as trying to fit in some bad word play or subtle jokes.

They both work seperately on their own jobs from different homes and studios, but instead of doing the dating-stuff like eating spaghetti in ‘Lady and the Vagabond’ style, they also feel like working on collaboration projects from time to time. Which has led to an exhibition, posters and even a memory game.

Click for more coolness on these two… www.joshuathreat.nl & www.ilseweisfelt.com