Nick Who, NL
Untitled 1, 2014
Pen on paper

Nick Who? (’87) self-taught artist that is currently studying to become a teacher in visuals arts and design.

‘All children draw, so did I. The only thing that separates me from the others is that I never stopped doing it. I was always fascinated about drawing. It allowed me to breathe life into this non-existing world that dwelled in my mind onto paper and from paper I could share it with others so they, on their turn, could create this image of my thoughts in their minds.’

His favorite weapon is the plain old office pen on paper which he uses to create a symphony of lines that fuse into each other, forming a subject with an interesting two dimensional texture. Next to the pen he is also skilled with oil paint, acrylics, spray-paint, graphite and soft-pastel. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary concepts in a unique way.

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